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L2 Flash Donate - Services

You can donate ONLY with Paypal & MoneySafe for Guide here: Click Here
Server maintenance is not free and the monthly cost is expensive. If you enjoy playing in our server and u want it to remain open for a long time, you can you help us with small donations

  • Donating to L2 Flash (or otherwise the 'server') is a voluntary act and not mandatory payment for services provided by the server.
  • By submitting a donation to the server you agree that you are not entitled anything by L2 Flash. Off course we give some sort of reward to anyone who supports the Server by this way. None of the rewards affect the normal development of game play in the server.

  • By submitting any donation you agree to the following terms
  • The donor has no right to request the return of the donation.
  • You know from the beginning that donations are voluntary type and not refundable.
  • You also agree that you know the concept of:
    "Donation" (noun: an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution).
    "Voluntary" (Adjective - done, made, brought about, undertaken, etc., of one's own accord or by free choice).

  • If you do not agree to these terms, or cannot honor this contract, do not donate.
  • Visit Services NPC located in every town. (Only Services and Event Items - Hats - Transforms etc.)

  • 5 Euro 250 & 5% Bonus Golden Apiga
    10 Euro 500 & 10% Bonus Golden Apiga
    15 Euro 750 & 15% Bonus Golden Apiga
    20 Euro 1000 & 20% Bonus Golden Apiga
    30 Euro 1500 & 20% Bonus Golden Apiga
    40 Euro 2000 & 20% Bonus Golden Apiga
    50 Euro 2500 & 20% Bonus Golden Apiga
    5 Euro Change Character name.
    5 Euro Change Gender.
    10 Euro Change Clan name.

    You can donate ONLY with Paypal & MoneySafe for Guide here: Click Here
    Click here to Donate:

*After you sent the donation please send MoneySafe/confirmation number and Character name using Petition or by forum to =ADMIN=Ray

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