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Server Rules
Server Rules

1. Introduction.

1.1 By creating a forum / game account in L2Flash, you agree to the rules of the Server.
1.2 Any kind of evil action to the community can bring L2Flash penalty even if not mentioned in the rules.
1.3 If u want to create a new account u can use the Account Manager on the homepage!
1.4 The L2 Flash, referred to as «the server» its free for players - With Donates that doesn't affect gameplay!
1.5 The Server takes no responsibility for any damage that may happen by the use of L2Flash.
1.6 All players are warned that excessive computer use causes health risks. This is why we advise you to a modest use of the pc.
1.7 The Admin has the right to change the rules of the server.
1.8 The rules apply to all players from the moment they create an account on the server or on the forum, even if they haven’t  read the rules  the same penalties apply.
1.9 The staff is the single principle of punishment in the server and every single one of its members can judge the sort of  punishment each player deserves.
1.10 The L2 Flash is free and any donation is voluntary and non-refundable.

2. L2Flash Staff.

2.1 The Staff is always right but if you notice any abuse please notify the =ADMIN=Ray Immediately!
2.2 Any demand to the staff for objects (items), money (adena) or any other type of “in-game things” can result to punishment.
2.3 Any claim to the  staff to change,or upgrade  data (stats) of players can bring punishment.
2.4 The staff can summon players, NPC, Raid Boss, etc. If it is necessary for any reason.
2.5 The main contact from the player to the staff will happen with the use of  «in game petitions» or via private message on the forum. The staff can use all ways to communicate with a player if needed.
2.6 All general information or changes to the server will be announced to the "Announcement Channel" and in special cases with "Hero Voice".
2.7 The communication takes place in English or Greek.
2.8 All reports (report) for the staff of L2 Flash will be sent by an email L2Flash.eu@gmail.com, to be examined by Admin.

3. L2Flash players and users of the forum.

3.1 The use of technical or software program that automates the way of playing its forbidden.
3.2 It’s Forbidden to abuse the bugs of the server and if found should be reported to the staff  immediately.
3.3  It’s Forbidden to spread rumors about the  server. (like, the server will close forever!!!).
3.4 It’s Forbidden to spam the chat server and also in  forum.
3.5  It’s Forbidden to imitate the personnel. Its forbidden to create a character  in  game or create an account on the forum that uses similar name like a staff member. Any pretense and deception from a player to another  using a GM-ADMIN imitation , will result in an immediate permanent ban  to all IP’s associated with the player and also to  the permanent deletion of his/hers  accounts.
3.6 The advertising of  other servers, in game or in forum is forbidden and leads to ban the relevant account.
3.7 The players must show  proper  respect to the staff members. Insults or threats towards them will result in account ban of  player.
3.8 Players must also show respect to  other players. The level of "flame" must be to a proper- tolerant level of good manner, and personal or  persistent attacks should be avoided, otherwise it will be up to the discretion of the staff to punish the abuser with the appropriate punishment to the player.
3.9 Personal attacks between players should be avoided in public chat rooms, and even in a private message’s its up to the discretion  of every GM if the player-abuser  will be punishment and how.
3.10 It’s Forbidden to spam or disclosure links of  irregular pages related to pornography, drugs, in game or to  forum. Especially if the disclosure is made for advertising reasons the punishment will be the permanent exclusion of the offender's IP and the permanent deletion of accounts.
3.11 It is strictly prohibited the publication of  players personal sensitive data in public communication channels. (Example: Face book  account , Sell phone number.).
3.12 The persistent Spam at Hero Voice, Shout, All can result in Chat Ban.

4. Trading.

4.1  It’s Forbidden to sale  characters, accounts and "objects" for real money. The penalty for this offense is a permanent Ban to the buyer and seller.

4.2 For the transactions of the server u can use adena, items, characters and accounts on the same server.
4.4 Admin and staff are not responsible for the transactions between players, but we advise you to follow a common sense and act carefully for any scams from other players.

4.5 We do not recommend to share your id and pass from your account. For any loss of data, item’s the Staff is not required to replace them.

4.6 It’s Forbidden  to scam other players using “fake” shops . If a player is found with such a shop should be  reported it to the forum or to a member of the staff.

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