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Welcome to L2Flash Low Rate Gracia Epilogue Server
PlayINERA New Mid Rate Gracia Epilogue!!!

PlayINERA will officially launch on Saturday, September 30, 2017!

Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2017-08-06 15:43:26
Like our Facebook page to Stay Tuned!

Like our Facebook page to stay tuned about our project - Future projects!!!

Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2017-04-20 22:02:34
Changelog 02/02/2017
Server Updated Successfully!
Uptime Without Restart: 11 Days.


  • Fixed a trade exploit.
  • Fixed Seal of ruler on castles with 2 Artifacts it needs only to be casted on one.
  • Fixed Hero Monument - View Record now will record -> (ex. Oren )Castle was Taken.
  • Fixed players not removing from the siege zone after pray succeed (mostly defenders on another castle).
  • Added New Zones - Protection for All castles Artifacts, now players can only cast Seal of Ruler from the platform.
  • Fixed Clan Hall fee issue.
  • Fixed few Raid Boss skills that should be Debuffs and not Buffs.
  • Fixed Castle Warehouse Check honorary items retail like (Note to Clan Leaders: From now you must take Blood Alliance manual from Castle Warehouse).
  • Fixed Blood Alliance - Blood Oath to be Depositable (Warehouse).
  • Fixed Black Talisman of Rescue - Black Talisman of Vocalization now they can be casted when player has Slam or Song of Silence.
  • Fixed Castle skills etc to be removed on castle loss - oly start (worked and before now its better).
  • Fixed Seal of Ruler - Combat Flag "Incorrect target" message if player changed his target after cast (Stunned etc).
  • Fixed Fortress Captains respawn (10min) stuck after re-siege in the same Fortress (Mage - Archer).
  • Fixed Closed doors knownlist - player needed to target the door in order to see it Open (Crystal Caverns Tears for example).
  • Fixed Olympiad Observer not to see defeated player Dead inside Olympiad.
  • Fixed Olympiad Defeated players not getting To Village etc option if died outside Olympiad.
  • Updated Foundation (MW) Dynasty Leather set with retail stats.
  • Improvements on Attack by Bow/Crossbow.
  • Changed Castle owners can only change HOUR of the Siege (16:00 - 20:00) not Minutes.
  • Changed Geodata System lets test this one , report any issues.

Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2017-02-02 08:46:57
Saving Santa Event!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! In this Christmas holiday we will activate the event Saving Santa from December 16th until January 09th.

Saving Santa Event
Angry and furious by the treatment that he and his family have endured over every year at Christmas, Thomas D. Turkey is holding Santa imprisoned in an unknown location to show the world that turkeys mean business.

Santa's Helpers throughout Aden and Elmore are begging for some of your help to rescue Santa Claus. It looks like Santa Claus has been jailed in a unknown prison by the envious and bigoted Thomas D. Turkey.  It's all in the hands of all the players to help Santa to become free! The fate of this and all future holidays depend on you.

You must find Thomas and defeat him in a "turkey style" battle of his favorite game called Rock-paper-scissors. Only when you beat Thomas 4 consecutive times he will free Santa. Santa Helpers will give you the information to face Thomas. Help Santa and don't let this turkey spoil the Christmas for us all.

L2Flash wish you a Merry Christmas!
Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-12-18 12:21:34
Join Now the Best Gracia Epilogue Server!

Monument of Heroes records fixed with yesterday's restart.

Server was Online & Stable for 11 days without restart!

Join now L2Flash , if you are "bored" wipes - corrupted and full of donations servers!

Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-12-13 22:29:03
Gift of Vitality Enabled for NEW PLAYERS!
Boost For New Players: Gift Of Vitality Enabled for players Until 75 Level ,

 Have Fun, L2Flash Team!
Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-11-17 02:36:17
L2Flash PvP Video!
PvP video was missing from our Video Contest so we created one!

Low quality due to a lot of background programs. (Test Server etc.)

Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-11-07 16:24:03
The Gift of Vitality Enabled for the Weekend!

The Gift of Vitality

Maintains vitality at level 4 for 2 hours. This buff cannot be cancelled, but it will disappear if your character dies. It can be acquired once per day by speaking to Jack Sage in any town. Players of all levels may acquire this buff.

The Memories of a Newbie

Players levels 76-85 can receive the following buffs depending on their class type. These buffs cannot be cast onto a player that already has them, but they can be reacquired once they have expired or been removed through death or cancellation.

  • For warrior classes: Wind Walk, Shield, Magic Barrier, Blessed Body, Vampiric Rage, Regeneration, Haste

  • For wizard classes: Wind Walk, Shield, Magic Barrier, Blessed Soul, Acumen, Concentration, Empower

  • For servitors level 76 and above: Wind Walk, Shield, Magic Barrier, Blessed Body, Vampiric Rage, Regeneration, Blessed Soul, Acumen, Concentration, Empower, Haste

Players that are below level 76 can receive these buffs in the traditional fashion by speaking to the Newbie Guide or Adventurers Guide in any town.

Have fun , L2Flash Team.
Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-10-01 13:50:04
Don't forget to Vote!
Vote every 12 hours on Hopzone - Topzone and we will reward you in game!
Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-09-30 02:41:06
Account Manager Enabled!
Hello everyone ,

We enabled account manager, you can register here: http://l2flash.eu/index.php/page/register/

Also we wait approve from Topzone.
Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-09-21 02:23:53
Server Opening Date!

We are glad to announce that L2 Flash starting date is
23/09/2016 & 18:00 UTC +2!

ToDoList for Live:
Adapt all Quest according to Server Rates. [DONE]
Create L2Flash System messages with unique colors/features.
More Advertising. ( Thanks the community for their help so far!)

Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-09-10 17:29:29
About Beta Server
The purpose of the BETA server is for people to test their Main Characters and if they find any issue to report it on forum!

Don't Expect 5000k people on a Beta server, people Test and then Logout.

Thanks to everyone who participates in Beta version of the Server!

Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-08-24 23:04:05
Server Advertisment.
Hello ,

We started the advertisement for the server.
(Server estimated starting date: Around September)

For more information, please register to our forum and start creating the community of L2 Flash!
Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-08-20 18:34:54
Welcome to L2Flash Website!
We are working on our Website & Beta ATM.
Posted by =ADMIN=Ray - 2016-08-12 19:17:47

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